Hydra Pro pays attention to the details.

Hydra Pro Drying Systems, LLC was founded on one principle: Find the root cause of what went wrong, clean and repair the damage and fix it right for the long term.
Gerry Pfeifer has been around and inspected components/ millwork of residential structures for a very long time. A lifetime as a matter of fact. For a lifetime I have cleaned, dried, or repaired residential structures like your home, out building or commercial property. If I cannot fix it, I have made contacts with well-respected and experienced people that can. As it’s been said before, but with me it’s true, one call really does it all when it comes to your home care.
I started Hydra Pro Drying Systems, LLC in 2015 because I couldn’t deal with the lack of attention to detail that gets displayed everyday by carpenters, floor cleaners or contractors. It seems like the only thing they cared about was how much money they were going to take to the bank. Hydra Pro and its employees and subcontractors believe in “Do the Right thing and everything else will take care of itself.” You have a big say in what is the right thing and we listen. We encourage your reviews, good or not so good.