You had a Bad Day

So you have some damage to your house from something that you didn’t see coming.  Hydra Pro can help you.  Check out our frequently asked questions to help you get some basic answers.

If you would like more information, please call us at (608) 622-9694.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Hydra Pro can quickly bring in the equipment needed to remove water from your basement. We even have the tools to discover what damage may be done that is hiding to prevent any future mold growth.
Yes. Hydra Pro can quickly bring in the equipment needed to remove smoke damage. We do this with a highly trained team to bring your home back to normal.
Yes. Hydra Pro has sophisticated equipment to find hidden moisture areas that may be causing that musty smell. We also have the team to alleviate the musty smell and make sure it does not return.
Yes. Hydra Pro can repair rotted wood, water soaked drywall and all manner of damage that may have occurred to your house during this unforeseen event.
Restoration basically means that we will restore your house to what it was before your damage occurred. That not only means getting rid of the water and other damaging issues, but rebuilding the things that these issues destroyed. It is not uncommon to dry out your water damage and return to replace rotting wood or water damaged building materials as well.
Yes. For fastest service, please call (608) 622-9694. The majority of our calls are for emergency type issues, so we are well-equipped to handle any problems you may have. This includes nights, weekends and holidays.