You had a Bad Day

So you have some damage to your house from something that you didn’t see coming.  Hydra Pro can help you.  Check out our frequently asked questions to help you get some basic answers.

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Yes. Hydra Pro can repair rotted wood, water soaked drywall and all manner of damage that may have occurred to your house during this unforeseen event.

Restoration basically means that we will restore your house to what it was before your damage occurred. That not only means getting rid of the water and other damaging issues, but rebuilding the things that these issues destroyed. It is not uncommon to dry out your water damage and return to replace rotting wood or water damaged building materials as well.

Bad smells indicate microbial growth or a high moisture level. We can inspect and figure out the cause and provide a solution.

The simple answer is, NO. The key to drying a structure is to get the water temperature as high above the Dew Point temperature of the air as possible to promote speedy drying. Some impermeable building items may have to be drilled into or breached to release the moisture into the air.

YES! This is my favorite thing to dry and I consider myself an expert in this area. Hardwood flooring will “cup” or “crown” depending on which side of the board has absorbed the water. Typically, the floor will “cup”. The edges on the boards are raised. This indicates the water or moisture is trapped between the subfloor and the Hardwood Floor. There are 2 reasons to dry this type of floor; 1. You would want to dry it quickly so as to not have mold growth in the floor and 2. When the boards get dry they will lay flat again. Usually, the floor will not require sanding and refinishing.

YES, we fight for everything you have coming to you. You pay good money for your premium. We’ll hold the Insurance companies Fully liable to fit the bill as they advertise.

YES, I’ve been around homes a long time. Just when I want to say I’ve seen it all, something surprises me. I’m always amazed by the Improper ingenuity of some contractors. If it is not right, a problem will eventually show itself. And no one wants to deal with that again and again. Let’s get it taken care of.

We use the same products you can find in your cleaning supply store or the laundry aisle at the grocery store. If you request no chemicals to be used, hot water only, steam cleaning is used. This process leads to longer drying times. MSDS are available. No chemical or chemical residue is left behind after the cleaning. The Anti-microbial (sanitizer) that we use is Plant Based and does not pose any health risk to pets or people.